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Electrical & Computer Engineering MEng

Laure Andre, Doctoral student, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Devon Degraffenreed

About this degree:

The MEng program, which is distinct from the Master of Science (MS) program, is specially designed for students who plan to enter industries after graduation and who have decided their specialty. The program is highly structured, emphasizes rigorous theory, practical training, engineering projects, industrial skills, communications, project management, leadership, and entrepreneurial training. The curriculum is aligned with emerging application areas of high workforce demand.

Academic Areas:

The Master of Engineering (MEng) program in Electrical and Computer Engineering is offered in three areas:

Data Science and Machine Learning
Autonomous Systems
Microelectronics and Integrated Circuits

The program in Data Science and Machine Learning focuses on the use of data science and machine learning in modern engineering projects and systems for sensing, control, inference, planning, and decision making. Students will learn to understand the engineering problem and the skills needed to use data in solving the problem; obtain the process data in large-scale complex engineering systems, and apply the resulting analytics to solve the problem.

The program in Autonomous Systems focuses on the design and engineering aspects of autonomous systems and operations. Students will gain knowledge in sensors, sensing, signal processing, and control, and apply that knowledge to the broad family of autonomous systems that includes robots, autonomous driving, and any engineering system that can be made to operate independently.

The concentration in Microelectronics and Integrated Circuits prepares our students for a career in the semiconductor industry. Students will gain knowledge in integrated circuit design (digital, analog, microwave), semiconductor manufacturing, device physics and design principles (electronic, optoelectronic, sensing, organic, quantum), and microelectromechanical systems. The curriculum emphasizes rigorous foundational knowledge, state-of-the-art applications, hands-on projects, teamwork, communication, and entrepreneurship skills.