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Applied Physics Bridge Program

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About this program:

The University of Michigan Applied Physics Imes-Moore Fellows Program is a master’s degree bridge program designed to prepare students for doctoral studies in interdisciplinary research in applied physics, physical sciences, and engineering. This program is a two-year course-based program and is designed to strengthen the students’ preparation in the fundamentals of physics and will provide a broad range of research opportunities in fifteen different departments across our campus. Students will receive full financial support, including an annual stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance. Our goal is to bring promising students to the program and prepare them to succeed at the doctoral level in Applied Physics and related fields at the University of Michigan. With the participation of more than one hundred fifty faculty, we provide unmatched research opportunities for our students.

Students will be admitted into the Imes-Moore Fellows Program based on their:

      – Academic promise
      – Potential to benefit from a broad-based training program
      – Contribution to enhancing the diversity of students in applied physics

This last criterion will be assessed by the student’s background in one or more of the following areas:

      – An educational, cultural, or geographical background underrepresented in applied physics
      – Demonstrated commitment to fostering diversity
      – Experience of financial hardship
      – First-generation U.S. citizen or first-generation college graduate